Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Year everyone! Another year has gone and another is about to start. First of all, I would like to look back at my memories of the year 2012:
Deep Freeze Youth Trip
Deep Freeze Youth Trip
Homecoming Dance
  1. Freshman year of high school at Rickover Naval Academy. As I hoped, I made some good friends and got good grades. Now I am glad that I chose this school.
  2. Deep Freeze Youth Trip. As a youth group retreat, the junior and senior highers attended Deep Freeze: Voice Your Choice. It was a truly exciting and fun trip.    
  3. 15th Birthday. This year my parents got me tickets to go to a Gungor concert in Wheaton. We went to it a few months later. It was a good birthday present.  
  4.  Sleepovers with Friends. Every now and then, friends from youth group or school get together for some night-time fun. We would have dinner together, watch movies, and talk for hours. Just being with friends created some happy memories.
  5.  Summer Trips. That summer was probably one of the most eventful summers I've had. First I went to Toronto, Canada as you can read in Summer Adventures: A Trip to Canada.  Then I went to a sailing trip in Boston called Sisters Under Sail, where I sailed on the tall ship Unicorn.
    The Unicorn
    Finally, I went to a youth conference called CHIC 2012 held in Knoxville, Tennessee. These were some of the best trips I have taken.
  6. A New Home. Before we went on our trip to Toronto, we looked at a house. We really liked it, so we put an offer for it. When we arrived at our friends' house, we got a call and found out that we got the house. By September we moved in and started working on it. Now we love it and feel blessed for the shelter that God has given us. 
  7.  Start of Sophomore Year. So far, my 10th year of school is going well. I like my new teachers and my grades are doing well for the first half of the year. I hope that I will finish my second year of high school as well as I have finished my freshman year. 
  8. Homecoming Dance. At the start of the year was the school's homecoming dance. Last year I wasn't able to go, so this was my first time. It was fun and I definitely plan on going back next year.
  9.  Halloween. I haven't really been trick-or-treating before, so my friends went for one last time dressed up as Doctor Who characters. I was dressed as a character called the Dalek. It was fun and I was glad I could do it with my friends.                                
  10. Halloween
    Christmas 2012. This year my Grandma came over and celebrated the holidays with us. My parents got me and my brother bikes as presents. What was also exciting was our first real snowfall that day. A few days later, my Uncle Tony and Aunt Kim came over and visited for a few days as well. It was good to see them again. And it was a good Christmas.  
    Gungor Concert
Now I would like to say a few more words to reflect on the future. This year I'm working on a little personal writing project that I hope I will enjoy. I also hope that the rest of my school year goes well and that I will learn more about myself and God in the year of 2013. God bless and Happy New Year!