Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Hardships

Today in school, I had a friend in class being made fun of. She is the only black girl in my class that most people in my class keep bothering. At the end of Arabic class there were two people calling her names, telling racist jokes, and even wrote a note that she liked this boy in my class. Then everyone in class started to laugh at her. I have now realized what it is like to be in a big public school. There are many new things in life that seem to be hard. It sometimes feels like I don't like being here. It has been a big transition coming from a small school in Spain, to a big public school in Chicago. But I know that there is a purpose for me here. I am learning new hardships everyday, but I will always make it through.


  1. I'm sure it's hard switching schools but I bet your friend is glad that you did. Having nice friends who are there for you make middle school a lot easier. I think you may have found your purpose...

  2. Meggie Joy, so proud of you for being such a good friend and for sticking up for your friends! Love you!